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You will need your child’s CPS ID number as well as your unique school-issued personal identification number (PIN) prior to creating an account. Please contact  the school to learn how to obtain your PIN. To ensure the security of your child’s records, PINs will not be issued over the phone under any circumstance.

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Once you have a received your PIN from your child’s school, you can create your Parent Portal account. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the Parent Account Signup page and agree to the terms of usage at https://parent.cps.k12.il.us
  2. Link to your child’s school record using your school-issued PIN; and
  3. View your child’s grades and attendance.


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Good attendance and good grades go hand in hand.  The Chicago Public Schools and parents/guardians can work together to promote excellent student attendance at school.  In order to promote cooperation and to help parents/guardians understand how the Chicago Public Schools’ attendance policies work, key items and basic attendance procedures have been defined below. 

o        Contact Phone Numbers    A student’s parent/guardian is required to supply and update the school with at least one (1) working phone number at which the parent/guardian can be reached.

    o        Parent/Guardian of Record   The parent(s)/guardian(s) who are listed on the student’s “Emergency Record” are the parent(s)/guardian(s) of record.  The Attendance Office shall only accept “Reason for Absence Notes” signed by the parent/guardian of record or release a student before the end of the school day to the parent/guardian of record.

o        Reason for Absence Note  On the first day a student returns to school from an absence, the parent/guardian must provide the school with a signed “Reason for Absence Note”, identifying the valid cause for each day of a student’s absence.  The Principal or Principal’s designee shall determine approval status of each “Reason for Absence Note”.

o        Excused Absences  Valid causes for an absence from school being deemed an excused absence are:

(1) Student’s illness, (2) observance of a religious holiday, (3) death in the immediate family, (4) family emergency,    (5) circumstances which cause reasonable concern to the parent/guardian for child’s safety or health as approved by the principal and (6) other situations beyond the control of the student as determined by the principal. 

o         A truant absence is an unexcused absence for students in grades K through 12

o         A “cut” is an unexcused class (period) absence.  The instructional time missed by a student that cuts classes is deducted from the total instructional minutes for the day and the balance will result in a student being coded

o        After the 3rd truant absence of a 3rd, 6th, 8th and 9th grade student, the parent/guardian is scheduled to attend a conference conducted at the school to discuss and agree to truant behavior remedies.

o        After the 5th truant absence for K through 12 students, the school mails the parent/guardian a “5-Day Truancy Letter”.  The parent/guardian and the student are scheduled to attend a conference conducted at the school with key school staff to develop an a plan to address and remedy the student’s truant behavior.

o        After a student’s 10th truant absence, the school mails the parent/guardian a “10 Day Truancy Letter” by certified mail, return receipt requested.

o        After a student’s 18th truant absence, the school mails the parent/guardian an “18-Day Truancy Letter” notifying the parent/legal guardian of the student’s chronic truancy status.

o         CPS Promotion and Graduation Criteria-Truancy Component

1.       Elementary students in benchmark grades 3, 6 and 8 who have more than 9 truant absences during a school year must attend and satisfactorily complete summer school.  Eighth grade students will not graduate with their class.

2.       A 3rd or 6th grade student who does not satisfactorily complete summer school will be retained in his/her current grade if this is a first time retention in the 1-3 or 4-6 grade cycles. If this would be a second retention for a student in a grade cycle, the student will be promoted to the next grade.

3.       An 8th grade student who does not satisfactorily complete summer school or Summer Writing Workshop, as required, will be retained in 8th grade if this is the first retention in the 7-8 grade cycle. All retained students will receive a “Personal Learning Plan” developed by the school in conjunction with the parent/guardian.  The student may be assigned to a designated Achievement Academy or other appropriate placement if this would be their second retention in the 7th-8th grade cycle; or if the student will be 15 years old on or before September 1st of that year. Students may earn an elementary diploma at the Achievement Academy.   

o        Students can be withdrawn for the following reasons:

(1) Student is absent on the first school day of the year-DNA (Did Not Arrive), (2) transfers or graduates, (3) is legally committed to correctional institution, (4) is home-schooled, (5) whereabouts can not be determined “lost child” after calling all known phone numbers, mailing a certified letter with return receipt requested and visiting the last known address, (6) withdraws from enrollment – 17 years old-after a “Consent to Withdraw from School” form has been signed by the student and “parent/guardian” and (7) withdraws from enrollment –18 or more years old- after a “Consent to Withdraw from School” form has been signed by the student (no parent/legal guardian signature is required).


            CPS Truancy Hotline                     CPS Crisis Intervention Hotline                        CPS Student Safety Hotline                           (773) 553-4000                                        (773) 553-1792                                       (773) 553-3335